Lynn Bartels is being unfairly criticized for tweeting a picture of the boxes trucked over to the Secretary of State’s office presumably filled with anti-fracking petitions, which showed that many were empty.

Fractivists are blaming her for exposing their fraud, filling the twittersphere with snarky attacks, while Food and Water Watch delivered a nastygram attacking Bartels objectivity.

But it’s all just a smokescreen, as fractivists flail to recover from that faux pas. The attacks on Bartels just proves their desperation, and tells us all we need to know about the validity of the actual signatures they delivered.

They know that too, which is why Food and Water Watch Director Lauren Petrie issued this demand:

“At this point, we question whether or not the Secretary of State’s office will engage in an honest and unbiased accounting of the signatures. If they do, they will find that we indeed have provided more than enough signatures to get on the ballot. Any other result at the end of the day should be called into question given these public statements from their spokesperson.”

Despite the threat, we fully expect the Secretary of State’s office to completely disregard all signatures from Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, Fractivist Fred, Conker the Squirrel and issue a fair ruling.

PeakNation has watched Bartel’s work for decades, and although we have not always agreed with some stories she wrote during her previous life at the Denver Post, we respected her as a journalist and respect her now as a public servant.

There is nothing questionable about the tweet she issued. Food and Water Watch is just upset that the media recognized the publicity stunt for the fraud it was.

And what did that group expect? It’s not like this is the first time they’ve pulled this stunt with empty boxes, or with questionable petition signatures.


What’s really going on, is they know they are frauds, their petitions will likely fail, and they are looking for a scapegoat in Bartels.

Perhaps they should look in the mirror.