Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, was in Colorado this week schmoozing donors and, among other things, touting an energy policy that would be very bad for our state.

Here is what Mook told Colorado Public Radio his boss wants to do about energy development: oilwell1-300x225

“…first of which as you mentioned is that localities need to have the final say as to whether it can happen in their communities. And secondly that we need, we need national standards to ensure that health, safety and our environment are being protected. I’m not a constitutional expert and so there’s a lot of issues that need to be worked out, vis-à-vis the federal government versus the state government.”

First, we already have national standards that ensure the health and safety of our environment. That’s what the Environmental Protection Agency does. If the Clinton camp doesn’t think that counts, then it’s scary to think what would under their regime.

Secondly, Colorado is actually a national leader when it comes to energy regulations and should be held up as a model for other states. This isn’t something we need the federal government to step in and help with.

Also, how can you argue, in the same breath, for more local control AND more federal control over energy regulations? Those don’t exactly go together.

Although, we suppose either result of Clinton’s two conflicting strategies would be an end to domestic oil and gas development. That would be very bad for our state considering we’re the 8th largest energy producer in the US, and the industry is directly and indirectly responsible for over 100,000 jobs in Colorado alone.

Bottom line: the Clinton camp should pause before it comes into our state and starts peddling this inconsistent garbage. That message might have worked well when she was Senator from New York, but it’s not something the people of Colorado will get behind.