fire_solarIn an accommodation to the solar industry, Xcel has backed off of its new pricing plan that would have made bills lower for six out of ten Xcel customers.  Special interest groups aligned with Big Solar quickly made their complaints known when it became apparent that the proposed changes would not benefit solar users.

The Colorado Solar Energy Industry Association, a lobbyist group, as well as Western Resource Advocates, an environmental activist group, both complained about the changes on behalf of their members.  The fact that these changes would “make it more difficult to finance rooftop solar” was a significant motivating factor for these special interest groups.

The busybodies at these groups also claimed that the proposed changes would encourage over-consumption of electricity, because, of course, it is their business to be concerned about how much energy that you use and pay for.

After meetings with the state’s Public Utility Commission, it was decided that Xcel would abandon the proposed plan that would have saved most customers money, and replace it with one that will charge people more money when they are using electricity during peak periods, such as when it is hot in the summer and people need air conditioning.

The new policy will also “boost options for low income households to obtain solar.” We wonder who will be paying for that. (Hint: You.)

And, not to be forgotten, the existing solar users will be able to sell power back to the grid at increased prices, because Xcel will be valuing energy at higher rates during peak times, and pass those incremental revenues on to the solar owners.

If you want to have solar panels on your house, great.  Just don’t take out your environmental activism on the backs of hard working Colorado families.