petitionWithout radical environmentalist Tom Steyer’s millions, the anti-fracking forces in Colorado turned in a rumored (and embarrassing) 105,000 signatures per ballot initiative. Each ballot initiative would have essentially banned fracking in Colorado.

Fractivists were the last to submit signatures to the Secretary of State’s office, which usually means the signatures the group submitted will be the last to be counted. But we don’t need the official fractivist signature count to know how screwed these initiatives are.

Recently submitted signature counts from other ballot initiatives show that there is an approximately 30% rate of tossed signatures for each of the ballot initiatives. Sorry, minimum wage hike, don’t know why your reject rate was so high, but maybe it had something to do with using out-of-state signature collectors.

  • Raise the Bar: 30.8% of signatures rejected from sample
  • Medical Aid in Dying: 30.1% of signatures rejected from sample
  • Minimum Wage Hike: 42.4% of signatures rejected from sample

With fractivists’ 105,000 signatures submitted, if they follow the industry average for signature rejection (and it might be higher because of rush job), that would put fractivists at a mere 73,500. The threshold to make the ballot is over 98,000 signatures.

It looks like without out-of-state billionaires playing in Colorado, fractivists don’t have a snowball’s chance in a global-warming hell.