Colorado Families for a Fair Wage, the issue committee pushing the minimum wage hike on Colorado, should be renamed “D.C. Consultants for Exorbitant Fees” for accuracy’s sake. When a loyal reader sent us the photo below of one of the minimum wage ballot measure “supporters” still wearing her t-shirt after the rally waiting for an Uber to the airport, it got us thinking about where the committee is spending its money.

Min Wage Out-of-State Collector waiting for Uber to airport

As it turns out, of the $1,108,686 the committee has spent on consultants and printing, just 6.7% went to Colorado businesses. Normally, we wouldn’t care – hire whomever you want, folks. But if this initiative is claiming to want to support Colorado families, shouldn’t it be hiring Colorado families for the initiative process? Here is a breakdown of the states that received the most cash from the committee (excluding taxes and fees):

Spending by Colorado Families for a Fair Wage

If you claim that you’re fighting for Colorado families’ economic prosperity, then, the best way to do that is by giving them meaningful jobs, not sending 93.3% of contracts to out-of-state entities.