Hillary Rodham ClintonThe message out of the Quinnipiac Poll on Colorado flashes one big message in neon lights: Republicans, get on board the Trump Train.

On the surface, a head-to-head match up between Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is glum – 49% to 39%, respectively.

But, when third party candidates are factored in, Trump fares better than Clinton. And, here’s another morsel to chew on. If all of Libertarian Gary Johnson’s Republican defectors supported Trump, he could very well be ahead of Clinton, or at least within the margin of error.

We get it, your candidate may not have made it through the primary. And you may not like Trump. But given a choice between two candidates, one who may be unlikable, but another who belongs in jail for trading America’s foreign interests for profit, the choice is easy.

Gary Johnson simply doesn’t have a shot at being elected. We’re sorry.

Get on board the Trump Train or we’ll end up in Hillary Hell. That’s just the truth of it. We’ll always give you tough love, PeakNation™. You’ll appreciate it later.