prairie dogsThe bleeding hearts in Boulder have discovered a way to save the prairie dogs they worship, yet nearly everyone else in the state despises. They will stop building houses, roads, schools, and essentially tear down the entire town and let the critters have at it.

Well, that’s what they would do if they wanted real action. But all they do is gripe and complain until someone else takes care of the problem for them.

So, in the ongoing case of the Armory colony, the future site of 200 housing units, animal rights activists say someone else has finally volunteered to make a new home for the creatures about eight miles west of town on Flagstaff Road.
But the rodents can’t move just anywhere without a whole host of bureaucratic red tape to satisfy state officials.

The property on Flagstaff must now be vetted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife for habitat suitability; rangers will evaluate soil quality, vegetation and food stock, among other things, before approving the relocation of the roughly 50- to 100-member colony that calls 4750 Broadway home.

It’s interesting to watch animal activists who have all the comforts of home, protest when another human being wants to live in a home, too. It didn’t seem to matter to the activists that they were displacing animals, it was okay to disrupt those animals’ homes and push farther into animal territory.

We believe the word we’re searing for here, is hypocrisy.