attorneyProfilePics-StuartShapiroThis guy again???  After being placed on paid administrative leave for almost two years during which he did not have to go to work, but received two pay raises for his efforts, Stuart Shapiro is going to be getting an even bigger pay day.  The Denver City Council is considering a $600,000 payout to Shapiro to “settle claims of retaliation by the Denver City Attorney’s Office,”  according to CBS 4.

Shapiro was placed on administrative leave after the city questioned his handling of a case where a prisoner was beaten at the Denver Jail, and then proceeded to extract $3.25 million from the city as compensation for the beat down. While on leave Shapiro was pulling down $143,000 per year and even received a $4,000 raise.  Nice work if you can get it.

When placed on administrative leave, Shapiro struck back, claimed whistle blower status for disclosing misconduct within the City Attorney’s Office.

It is amazing that the city allows this to drag on for years.  Only on the taxpayer dime can these antics be tolerated.  Unlike in the private sector, the Democrat-controlled Denver government seems to have no accountability, and no responsibility.

When will someone blow this whistle on this whistleblower?