horses blmDo liberals have any idea who this Ken Salazar person is that is leading Clinton’s transition team?
Because if they did, they would certainly curl up in horror, and not just because Salazar claims to support the fracking industry.

Former Interior Secretary and U.S. Sen. Salazar is the same guy who was caught up in the Obama administration’s horse slaughter scandal.

Here’s the refresher: During Salazar’s stint at Interior, the inspector general discovered that the BLM “failed to follow its own policy of limiting horse sales and ensuring that the horses sold went to good homes and were not slaughtered.”

That was discovered after 1,700 of the horses were sold to an associate of Salazar’s who paid $10 for each pony then sold them for slaughter earning $154,000.

When Gazette reporter David Phillips (now at The New York Times) asked about the controversy at an Obama election night event in November 2012, Salazar snapped:

“You know what, never do that. This is a — this is the Obama — You know what, if you do that to me again, I’m going to punch you out. OK? Don’t ever, ever, from the Gazette or anybody else do that to me again. Set me up. You know?”

Having a Coloradan leading Hillary’s transition team certainly puts former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall in the lead for a key position if she were to win, probably at the EPA. We expect Gov. Hickenlooper is also still lobbying for a cabinet post, despite his protestations that he does not want Interior.

Animal activists need not apply.