MorganCarroll smallHas uber-liberal Morgan Carroll ever really visited with any random person in Colorado? If she did, she’d know that her views, as expressed to the Denver Post, are entirely out-of-whack. Fortunately for us, Carroll is relying on D.C. to pull her through and in doing so is completely off-message from the rest of her would-be constituents. Just a few examples:

Amendment 69: Carroll’s cynical flip-flop on single-payer health care. Carroll has long been a staunch supporter of single-payer, but out of political expedience is now opposing a ballot initiative that would bring her preferred form of health care to Colorado.

Useless lack of problem solving: Carroll loves to launch hypocritical attacks over the troubles at the VA, but never seems to suggest solutions.

Does Carroll think that Hillary is trustworthy? Carroll’s unwillingness to comment on any of Hillary Clinton’s high-profile scandals. 64% of Americans don’t think Hillary is trustworthy. What about you, Morgan?

Gitmo: And, then, there’s Gitmo. Carroll has adopted a decidedly…tortured…stance on Gitmo.

And, we’re going out on a limb here and assuming that Carroll is a-okay with gun control. Is Morgan Carroll running for Congress in Boulder or in the most competitive district in the country? Hard to tell sometimes….