Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine is hosting a small business roundtable because he wants to hear from small businesses, right? Well, not exactly. Kaine is talking to a few small businesses, but, apparently, small business owners can go only if invited by the Clinton campaign.

Huh. That doesn’t seem very Democratic, does it? The truth is that Democratic policies are bad for small businesses, so the Clinton-Kaine ticket hand picked a few liberal small business owners who would have a substantive conversation about how they would love to unionize (most don’t) or how they want to raise the minimum wage (they don’t) or how Obamacare has been helpful (it hasn’t).

If Kaine and Clinton were put in a room full of small business owners and spouted the issue positions they’ve taken on the campaign trail, the two anti-business candidates probably would come out with PTSD. Kudos to Joe St. George for pointing out the astroturfing happening in Lakewood today.