trumpA hilarious story erupted yesterday in which some members of the media and the Twittersphere seemed to think that 12-year old Weston Imer was running Trump’s Jefferson County, Colorado campaign office. Liberals and other Trump haters used this as an example of how terrible the Trump campaign is. See below.

Perhaps Mr. Toltz should stick to disarming college students. There’s just one problem with this report. Weston Imer is not running the Team Trump’s Jeffco office, his mother is running the Wheat Ridge office. According to the Trump campaign, Weston is simply helping and volunteering for the campaign. Here’s a statement from Patrick Davis, Trump’s Colorado Director:

“We hope more people will become engaged in the political process at a younger age like Weston. Weston is the son of a staffer and assists with minor tasks around the office. Although we are confident he has a bright future in politics if he chooses, Weston in no way holds an official position with the campaign.”

Don’t we want more young people to become involved in politics? Since when is this a bad thing? Oh, that’s right. Since it’s affiliated with the candidate the media loves to hate, Donald Trump. Got it.