UPDATE: We cited a Westword story that claimed Toltz’s family owns the Dependable Cleaners.  While this is technically true as the Toltz family does own the Dependable Cleaners chain, Ken Toltz is estranged from the Toltz family.  You can call off your boycotts of Dependable Cleaners, PeakNation™.  Steve Toltz called the Michael Brown Show today to clarify the relationship and assure his customers that he is not supportive of his brother’s activities – financially or otherwise.  Listen to the exchange below:

Apparently, the spanking that Democrats received when they tried to ban concealed carry on college campuses last legislative session no longer stings as badly as it did then.  A new issue committee, ironically named Safe Campus Colorado, filed late last month would seek to put on the ballot an initiative to “amend the current concealed carry law to exclude college campuses from the concealed carry law.”

The registered agent for this ill-conceived committee is none other than Ken Toltz, the well-funded, but failed, 6th Congressional District Democratic candidate whose family owns the Dependable Cleaners chain.  Toltz also is known for cashing in on Obama’s inauguration via Obama-Bling.org.

What’s puzzling is that Toltz would volunteer to venture into those dangerous waters.  While the Democrats in the state legislature shoved through five bills relating to gun control, the college campus concealed carry ban was the bill they couldn’t force feed Coloradans.  The bill was pulled by its sponsor, extremist Democratic state Sen. Rollie Heath, after the debate turned ugly for Democrats. During the debate, several rape victims testified and about-to-be-recalled newly-resigned former state Sen. Evie Hudak condescendingly told victims that “the statistics are not on your side”, causing a national uproar.

The most horrific shootings in our history don’t occur at places where weapons are prevalent, but where the people are vulnerable and unarmed.  A gun-free movie theater, a gun-free college campus, etc.  The cowards who perpetrate these heinous acts of violence aren’t looking for a firefight, they’re looking to shoot people like fish in a barrel.

So, best of luck to you, Mr. Toltz.  If you’re willing to strip the rights of young women on college campuses to arm and defend themselves, we will speak up for those young women all day long.  Game on.