Despite protests and letters from constituents expressing dismay over the radical overreach by House and Senate Democrats, Senate Democrats forwarded their extreme gun legislation yesterday.  Here is where the legislation stands, and the next step for each.

  • HB1228: To require purchasers to pay for mandatory background checks HEADED TO HICKENLOOPER, who has indicated he would sign the legislation into law
  • HB1224: To ban magazines that would hold more than 15 rounds.  PASSED IN SENATE, Going back to House to vote on amendment
  • HB1229: To require universal background checks, including on private transfer of guns PASSED IN SENATE, Going to House to vote on amendment
  • HB1226: To add college campuses to the list of places exempt from concealed carry allowances Pulled by Senate Sponsor Democrat Rollie Heath
  • SB195 – To ban online firearm training and defines a “handgun training class” as a physical location at which a certified instructor offers a course (i.e., no online or video courses) HEADED TO HOUSE
  • SB196 – To hold liable manufacturers and sellers of certain semi-automatic weapons in Colorado for crimes committed with the guns they’ve manufactured or sold Pulled by Senate sponsor
  • SB197 – To prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence or who has been the subject of a restraining order from possessing a gun HEADED TO HOUSE

To tally, that’s one bill headed to the governor’s desk and four headed to the House.  Two of the bills headed to the House require approval of amendments and two require full vote.  The amendment to HB1224 bans any shotgun magazines that hold more than 28 inches of shotgun shells.  The amendment to HB1229 is a provision that would allow gun repairs without the background checks required for transfers.

While Mayor Bloomberg lost a battle in New York yesterday when his “Big Gulp” rule was struck down, his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is still winning battles in Colorado to the detriment of Coloradans.

UPDATE: Former Republican State Rep. BJ Nikkel adds some snark: