New-Mexico-Meadow-Jumping-Mouse-Endangered-SpeciesAn access road to the Durango-La Plata County Airport is now on hold because of mice.

That’s right, mice. The endangered jumping, New Mexico meadow kind, not to be confused with the Preble’s Jumping Mouse, both of which are subspecies, but still listed as endangered.

We’ve no clue how many mice are there, but apparently it was enough to “complicate” the construction for a county road near a new terminal.

Tom Vicari told the Durango Herald that moving the road is not feasible, they may have to literally raise it or make some other redesign

That bill for the mice detour will have to be paid by taxpayers.

This is what abuse of the endangered species laws looks like. Folks think it’s funny to find a bug or a plant, or mouse to stop energy development, but it’s not so funny when the same critters rear its head to block road construction.

Luckily, the mice were not found where the new terminal will be built so we can construct that, it’s just getting there that might be a problem.