DenverPostLogo1Today, the Denver Post came out hard against Hillary Clinton’s influence peddling and asked “legitimate questions about her judgment” while Secretary of State.  An AP report on the official meetings that Clinton took while leading the State Department showed that an astonishing 40 of 85 meetings that Clinton took were with people who donated more than $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and 20 that contributed $1 million or more to the Foundation.

Coincidence?  We don’t think so.  There are many great charitable organizations in the world to donate money to.  Calling this pattern of contributions anything other than payments for access is a joke.  But will her supporters care about this blatant abuse of power?  We don’t think so.

The Post brings up an number of “legitimate questions” in their analysis of Clinton’s behavior and its aftermath.  What did it take years (and ultimately a lawsuit) for the State Department to disclose Clinton’s meetings when the AP queried?  Why did the Crown Prince of Bahrain gain an audience with Secretary Clinton through a Foundation executive after normal diplomatic channels failed to secure his meeting?  And by the way, the guy was supporting a $32 million scholarship through the Clinton Foundation.

And going forward, how will a potential President Hillary Clinton unwind the tangled knot of conflicts that have been created by the nearly $2 billion in contributions that have been made to her family’s foundation over the years?

We couldn’t agree more with the Post’s argument in its editorial on Clinton’s corruption: “Americans should always question arrangements that allow the already powerful to gain extra advantage with their government.”

Once in a while the Denver Post calls something right, and we are happy to give credit here where credit is due.