Picking From The Money TreeUnion labor flunkies who were busted for paying their signature minions less than the $12 minimum wage max they are demanding Coloradans vote into law are scrambling to cover their faux pas.

They are claiming that a “clerical error” was to blame in the report they filed with the Secretary of State’s office, which showed 24 workers were paid less than the wage they are demanding small businesses now pay.

“The campaign has unlimited funds from the national unions who are trying to force through this minimum wage hike, and they still aren’t able to get their books in order,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. “Unfortunately, Colorado’s small businesses will not have the same financial support as the minimum wage hike proponents clearly enjoy from the big unions in order to comply with this unfunded mandate.”

We’re still waiting for Colorado Families for Fair Wage to file amended petitions that correct all of the forgery errors, signatures that do not appear to have come from actual voters, that were used to get the measure on the ballot.

As for the actual hourly wage paid to the signature gatherers, this whole fiasco shows that just because you pay someone a higher salary, does not mean they are qualified for the work, or do a good job.

Pay should be based on skill and experience, not the whim of unions.