cavemanRemember when WildEarth Guardians filed that lawsuit in Craig to try and shut down the ColoWyo mine?

They tried to stop production until the feds rereviewed an environmental impact study to determine the effects of coal mining on climate change.

We warned then it was a test case and that the extremist greenies would use this tactic on a broader scale, and so they have.

The WildEarthers filed a lawsuit Thursday in an attempt to cancel nearly 400 oil and gas leases in three states including Colorado, demanding the federal government take into account real and perceived effects that energy use has on climate change.

These environmental impact studies the feds conduct are intended to study the actual impact to the environment where development takes place. For example, is it on top of a wetland, five feet from an endangered species habitat, in the middle of a national park, etc.

But what WildEarthers want is for government to study what effect on climate change the actual energy product will have when put into use elsewhere.

A lawsuit filed Thursday morning in federal court contends Bureau of Land Management officials failed to disclose the foreseeable environmental impact and billions of dollars in societal costs if oil and gas extracted from public lands are burned.

In other words, they want a Tarot card reading.

But what about the cost to society if we eliminate energy production altogether? No heat for our homes, gas for our cars, no food production?

This environmental extremism has been allowed to go to far. It’s time for the courts to stop this in its tracks, and for Congress to take a stand. And preferably sooner than later, before we’re all left to starve and freeze in the dark.