Picking From The Money TreeColorado Families for a Fair Wage For Everyone Except Their Own Employees claims that the paycheck reports for their petition signers was all just a mistake, but it looks their excuse is totally bogus.

Fieldworks, the company who hired the workers, says they accidentally calculated pay for workers on multiple initiatives. Problem is, they were only working on one other initiative in Colorado, the TABOR time out campaign, and that task was completed outside of this pay period, says Tyler Sandberg, campaign manager for Keep Colorado Working.

We would love to see the wage report from the TABOR campaign to see if wages there were slashed in order to make up the difference in the amended report.

“Let’s call this what it is – the unions got caught paying their own campaign operatives less than the minimum wage they are trying to force on small businesses across the state,” Sandberg said. “The unions are minimum wage hypocrites. And every small business in Colorado has a right to be angry.”

Labor Union minions say they specifically inserted language into their contract with Fieldworks to ensure they weren’t caught being hypocrites  paid the higher minimum wage they sought.

No word on whether that $12 an hour salary required a college education or special skill set to stand in the grocery store parking lot with a clipboard and ask people to sign their names to pieces of paper.