Bennet Aspen ChallengeAfter casting a vote to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to keep its nuclear program and at the same time drop sanctions against the sworn enemy of the United States, Michael Bennet is still standing by his decision to help the regime.

In a wet, sloppy kiss with the Denver Post Q&A with the Denver Post, Bennet says that he believes that Iran is more than one year away from having a nuclear weapon (that should make Israel feel really secure).  He also admitted that he does not trust Iran, but for some unknown reason he struck a deal with a counterparty that he did not trust – a regime that is still considered an “active state sponsor of terrorism” by the Obama State Department.

Along those lines, Bennet was also shy to own up to the obvious fact that the sanctions relief he supported would go towards supporting the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities.  Maybe Bennet just isn’t familiar with the activities of the Iranian government since the Islamist Revolution in 1979.

Perhaps he does not understand that hundreds of American service members have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan with Iranian-supplied weapons and training.

In a subsequent interview with the Denver Post this week, Bennet could not come to terms with the obvious fact that the Obama Administration paid a $400 million ransom for Iran’s release of four American hostages.

We guess Bennet thinks that his friends in Iran released those Americans out of the goodness of their hearts. He would be wrong.