PuppyIt appears that La Plata County Commissioners have run out of things to do, so now they’ve taken up the task of telling dogs to shut up.

An indisputable rule of nature is that dogs bark, and sometimes for long periods of time. This could be because there is an intruder on their property, or they see a bird.

Dogs don’t need much of a reason to bark.

But La Plata County is going beyond the bounds of regulating behavior — in this case, fining owners whose dogs bark for 20 continuous minutes. Some folks want the county to actually remove loud dogs from their home.

Theoretically, a dog owner with deep pockets could continue to pay his way while his dog continues to plague the neighbors.

A judge would hold the power to remove an animal from repeat offenders, county spokeswoman Megan Graham said.

That’s right, our family members are now considered a nuisance if they make too much noise.

We honestly don’t understand the angst of city folks who move out of town to experience the serenity of nature, only to be annoyed by nature.

We’re actually surprised that dog lovers have not risen up in outright rebellion and stormed city hall. If they don’t make noise of their own soon, they could be saying goodbye to their loved ones.