While Hillary Clinton is waffling on her Colorado ad dollars, Donald Trump is doubling down. As the campaign heads into the critical Labor Day milestone, it is interesting to see Clinton in the background sitting on a perceived lead, while Trump is coming out with inspirational messaging such as this.

In the commercial “Two Americas,” the Trump campaign lays out a positive message for America’s middle class:  more jobs, better wages, tax breaks for working families, and strong small businesses. It almost feels like Morning in America again.  And, our swing state could be the difference in who carries the electoral college.

The ad is part of a multi-state $10 million ad buy. Here’s what Colorado Trump campaign leader Patrick Davis said about the buy:

“The fact that Colorado is one of the nine battleground states in this new ad buy shows that it’s a key to our strategy for winning in November. With national and battleground state poll numbers surging, we’re going on offense, including in Colorado — by contrast Hillary has continually ignored our state in both appearances and ad buys. Coloradans are tired of the same old Washington corruption and back room deals Hillary represents and will vote for change in November.”

Colorado might just be a battleground state after all.