Hickenlooper TeethColorado Public Radio reports that Gov. Hickenlooper is leaning in favor of nearly every ballot issue except the ColoradoCare initiative, but a closer look at the interview shows he’s not crazy about raising the minimum wage, either.

Raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020: “I’m sympathetic to it, but I haven’t made up my mind on it.” His concern is that the proposal gives employees who receive tips the full minimum wage, while the federal government adjusts the wage downward to account for tip income.

Granted, he flat out opposes ColoradoCare, because it’s a crazy scheme that will bankrupt the state. Our words, not his.

But, he is okey dokey with medically assisted suicide, raising taxes on tobacco, and letting independents vote in primary elections to nominate that candidate of a party they choose not to belong to. We still hold that if you want to vote for a Democratic candidate, join the stupid party and do so.

Hick says he wants the primary because it will give Colorado more positive publicity, which last time we checked is not what a presidential primary is all about, it’s to choose the party’s candidate.

But we digress.

Hick’s sticking point on the minimum wage is that restaurant wait staff would get $12 plus tips, rather than the typical tip credit, which he says “gives me a second thought.”

So he’s not exactly in favor of that either.

It’s a valid point, and more proof that the whole idea wasn’t very well thought through.