climate changeAt least one member of the University of Colorado Board of Regents is alarmed by the prohibition on debate recently revealed there that kicks students out of a class if they aren’t Kool Aid drinkers when it comes to the debate on climate change causes.

John Carson told Valerie Richardson at the Washington Times that he plans to investigate about this new policy, which he fears would also limit the sources of research that students use.

“I have a lot of questions after reading this reported email sent to students,” Mr. Carson told The Washington Times. “We should be encouraging debate and dialogue at the university, not discouraging or forbidding it. Students deserve more respect than this. They come to the university to be educated, not indoctrinated.”

The class that requires complete indoctrination in climate change? Medical Humanities in the Digital Age.

We think the debate about climate change — if debate is actually allowed — would be a suitable topic for Economics 101.