democratBillionaire heiress and original Gang of Four member Pat Stryker is still a force to be reckoned with in left-wing Colorado politics, but it seems like her money isn’t as smart as it was back in the Blueprint days.  Still a couple months out from the November elections, and Stryker has donated $3 million to liberal special interest groups. USA Today lists Stryker as the largest single donor to PACs in Colorado.

Priorities USA, a super-PAC supporting the tired Hillary Clinton campaign was the beneficiary of $2 million of Stryker’s inherited wealth.  Stryker also made a major donation – $650,000 – to American Bridge, an anti-Republican website that wastes its money making outlandish claims, such as Donald Trump is against veterans (he’s not) and calling Colorado U.S. Senate candidate an extreme xenophobe (he’s not).

American Bridge even make the laughable claim that Trump was laughed out of the country after meeting with Mexican president this week.  We guess they missed the fact that Trump left Mexico on Wednesday looking far more presidential than Hillary Clinton, who was afraid to even make the trip.  As a parody account for Veep candidate Mike Pence joked, “ad planned to meet with President Pena Nieto…but was still negotiating her speaking fees.”

The billionaire from Ft. Collins has every right to engage in all the gutter politics that money can buy, but with Clinton refusing to campaign, and American Bridge churning out such nonsense, Stryker should be asking for her money back.