moneyNational Democrats running the senatorial funding campaign once led by U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet have yanked $5 million in funding for their former boss they planned on spending in Colorado.
The Washington Post reports the decision was made because they are confident “that they have averted a potentially expensive fight.

According to an unnamed source:

“Republicans have failed to mount a credible challenge in Colorado, which frees up that money to go further on offense. Republicans were unable to expand the map which leaves them playing defense across the board.”

First of all, we consider the $15 million raised by Bennet, a hefty chunk of which comes from out-of-state supporters, an expensive race.

While it is true that with a heavy Republican field going into the convention, no one candidate was making bank. But it’s a pitiful state of our political system when Democrats think a candidate is not credible because they’re not rolling in dough.

But neither was Bernie Sanders, and look what he did to their precious and well-funded Hillary in Colorado.

The game is not over, there are two months until election day, and anything can happen. With Donald Trump neck-and-neck with Hillary in the polls, it looks like the national Democrats have acted too rashly in pulling Bennet’s funding, and Hillary Colorado commercials. We expect to see that mistake trickle down to the congressional races as well.