trumpAs a swing state with over 400,000 military veterans, the recent survey of military members and veterans published by NBC News could have big ramifications for Colorado.  The poll shows nearly a 20 point spread between Trump and Clinton (hint: Clinton is not beloved).

If one considers this along with the overwhelming support of Trump over Clinton among active duty servicemembers and the state’s five major military installations, the military vote could mean more in Colorado than at any time in recent history.

Today’s NBC/Survey Monkey survey is published ahead of tonight’s forum that features Clinton and Trump in back to back appearances to address military and national security issues.  Trump’s massive lead in this demographic should not come as much as a surprise, as Clinton’s track record of mishandling classified information and her decision to leave four Americans on the battlefield in Libya does not exactly mesh well with military values.

While Clinton has pulled her advertising out of Colorado, Trump is stepping on the gas – naming coalition directors in the state while GOP offices are popping up to support GOTV efforts.  The Colorado effort is mirroring a nationwide pattern, where Clinton seems content to stay in the shadows of closed door fundraisers with days between campaign appearances, while Trump/Pence appear to be in a full sprint to the finish.