UPDATE: Politico claims that Hickenlooper could be in the running for Commerce Secretary. Breathe a sigh of relief, Secretary Johnson, Hick isn’t coming for your DHS job just yet.

Colorado’s Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper seems to have rebounded from his crushing disappointment over not being selected as Hillary’s running mate. Or, at least, that’s what we can assume from him resuming his role as suck-up-in-chief to Hillary. This time, it’s an interview he gave to 9News on the subject of immigration.

If Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump fulfills his promise to deport millions of illegal immigrants from the United States, Hick would take draconian measures.

9News’ reporter Brandon Rittiman asks Hick if he would sue to prevent deportations of illegal immigrants. Here is what Hick says:

“I’d certainly try to push back every way I could. And if there were legal avenues, I’d certainly explore them.”

Just watch.

Immigration is a tough topic for Governor Hickenlooper. In his most recent election in 2014, Hick was dinged for “playing fast and loose with laws, and partially due to his disregard, a family was irreparably damaged.”

From the post we ran back then:

“As mayor of Denver, he willfully ignored federal immigration laws, metaphorically shrugging as if it wasn’t his problem because it was federal.  His employee, with false documents, had been pulled over three times and because of the permissive atmosphere that Hickenlooper fostered, he was never asked whether he was allowed to be here.

Hickenlooper’s employee cowardly killed a decorated Marine, husband and father of two little girls by shooting him in the back.  This was so unfair to this family.  Hickenlooper had a responsibility to keep Denver residents safe and he failed. He failed as a business owner, and he failed as Denver’s leader. He sided with those who broke law over those who upheld it, just like he did with death-row inmate Nathan Dunlap.”

It’s odd that he’s doubling down now on his support for illegal immigration. Hick for Secretary of Homeland Security? Jeh Johnson, watch out!