Bennet Aspen ChallengeThe New York Times has projected U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet* will win in Colorado.

Actually, there is no asterisk anywhere on the page, and we scoured it in search of disclosure of some sort from this ethical giant of journalism, that they had a major conflict of interest, such as:

*U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is the brother of New York Times Editorial Page Editor James Bennet.

It could just be an oversight. Afterall, The Old Gray Lady has had a tough time of it this week correcting corrections to corrections of a correction they ran in a story trying to slam Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

In furtherance to their support of all things Democrat, the NYT based their forecast on outdated polls — a handful in July and two in the beginning of August.

We thought there nothing more annoying than cable news outlets calling elections one minute after polls closed for one candidate or the other. The New York Times has now exceeded that frustration, declaring races two months before Election Day without giving voters any say in the matter.

A less-cynical person might not think the NYT is actually trying to sway the election results. We are not that less-cynical person.