Comm Darryl Glenn photo for web 450Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn has expressed frustration with the Denver Post in the past. His statement below explaining why he will not engage with the Denver Post should come as no surprise. We are running the entire statement for the reading pleasure of PeakNation™.

“There has been much made in recent days about the fact that I am not speaking with the Denver Post. I want to personally tell you why. While I have made myself available to the press this entire campaign, I have nothing to say to the Denver Post.

“There is no point in speaking with a publication that has repeatedly called me a liar and dragged my family through one of the most painful periods of our lives.

“You see, over the course of seven days, the Denver Post ran three stories and two editorials that dredged up horribly painful memories for my mother and me—memories we buried thirty years ago, memories that neither of us had ever discussed.

“Since then, I’ve been forced to watch my mother suffer through the agony of reliving painful years of abuse and violence in the home. It’s been hard.

“Rather than cover me— and the real issues in this campaign—objectively, like journalists should do– they ran a smear campaign through their stories and editorials against me and my family.
After I made clear to them that I didn’t remember the period in question, the very next email we got from them stated, “Does Darryl wish he’d just told the truth from the beginning?”

“I absolutely told the truth. But that was not good enough for the Denver Post.

“Domestic violence is a serious issue impacting a growing number of families. It’s underreported, and even when it is, victims are dismissed as being untruthful and even marginalized. We must begin to realize that people are left with a lifetime of scars and suppressed memories as a result of living in this environment.

“This issue is extremely personal to me and so many people I’ve met throughout my life. Again, this is far beyond the boundaries of a political campaign and responsible news coverage. There are times when you have to take a stand, and that’s what I’m doing. I made it out of this environment but there are still plenty of people that need help. Trust me I get it. Don’t let anyone dismiss or minimize your pain.

“This is not the first time the Denver Post has acted this way in order to help Senator Bennet. In 2010, their main political reporter was carrying on a romantic relationship with a member of Senator Bennet’s staff, and they never bothered to disclose it.

“In closing: there is nothing to win here: The Denver Post does not have anything I want. I am not seeking their endorsement, or their approval. And I am not going to participate with them in the charade that they are an objective news outlet, nor will I attend any debate where they send a moderator.

“They are not objective, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

“After all, what’s the worst thing they can do? Write biased stories about me?”