democrat-republicanDarryl Glenn clearly showed he’s ready to take on Michael Bennet for the Senate seat during Saturday’s first debate, delivering solid blows to the incumbent’s dismal record.

He nailed Bennet for turning his back on the energy industry, spending more time representing Washington than Colorado, and reminding voters that Bennet is the reason we have Obamacare and our health system is in tatters.

The best Bennet could do was criticize Glenn for siding with Republicans in refusing to push through Merrick Garland as the new Supreme Court justice before the election.

From Gary Harmon’s report in the Daily Sentinel:

Congress is a separate “but equal” branch of the government that’s not obligated to act on the nomination, Glenn said, noting that he would seek a strict constructionist to replace Antonin Scalia, who died this spring.

Bennet had the gall to take credit for helping save ColoWyo Mine and protecting Colorado’s energy interest, when just a few weeks ago he was meeting with environmentalists in Carbondale including his former staffer Zane Kessler to strategize on how to kill oil and gas leases.

“Don’t come tell me I’m responsible for 1,200 jobs leaving this community,” Bennet said, correctly anticipating attacks based on the weakness of the energy industry.

Bennet’s record on energy is as dismal as his votes to decimate the health care system. And, he’s all for shipping natural gas to other countries, but just doesn’t want us to actually develop the energy in Colorado, first.

We say Glenn won this debate with the Club 20 audience, while Bennet was simply a reminder of why we need to kick him out of office in the first place.