“We have a do-nothing Senate because Colorado has a do-nothing Bennet.” In a clever radio spot, Laura Carno, a conservative activist and author of Government Ruins Nearly Everything, rolls tape of numerous voice mails that she could have left at Michael Bennet’s Colorado Springs office, painting a damaging picture of the Democrat incumbent as someone doing little more than marking time in office. Just listen:

Slamming Bennet on on a wide range of issues, the ad exposes the Senator as the Washington insider and political ideologue that he is – and that he desperately tries to hide from independent-minded Colorado voters.

Carno’s parody ad brings up the fact that Bennet ranks dead last out of all U.S. Senators in collaborating with the House of Representatives.  So much for “reaching across the aisle.”  It also shines light on Bennet’s stand against school choice for middle class Colorado families, and Bennet’s overall lack of accomplishment in the Senate.  It should be noted that Bennet introduced zero bills that became law in 2015.  But maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, given that type of legislation that he would introduce.