U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is certainly trying to portray himself as a bipartisan kind of guy back there in Washington so that he can get reelected back here.

But here’s more evidence that he is not:

Back in 2010 when he was first up for reelection, he was against expanding Social Security well beyond what we can already barely afford. That’s when President Obama and other Democrats also campaigned on cuts.

Now he’s all for expanding Social Security and Medicare, along with other Democrats desperately seeking reelection.

Reflecting widespread and growing public support for the program, expanding Social Security benefits is becoming the Democratic Party line—particularly among Democratic Senate candidates hoping to gain an edge on Republicans in tight races this November.

Bennet dismissed such an expansion in 2010, saying that Congress can’t deal with the budget crisis until they first address entitlement spending.

Someone has apparently waved a magic wand we’re unaware of to make that budget crisis disappear, and now, like the exorbitant expansion of food stamp spending under Obama, Democrats think it’s a great idea to spend more on entitlement programs beyond our means.

And Bennet is one of those Democrats leading the pack.

Instead of expanding entitlements to more groups of people who are questionably “entitled,” Democrats and Bennet need to hold off on this election-year spending spree and simply make sure that the senior citizens who paid into the system are getting their money back.