Comm Darryl Glenn photo for web 450Magellan Strategies is out with a new survey of likely 2016 general election voters that shows Michael Bennet’s lead down to 10 points (48% – 38%).  Much like Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton in the critical post-Labor Day phase of the campaign, Glenn is cutting into a wide lead that Bennet has been sitting on since the June primary.

The RealClearPolitics average in the US Senate race, which does not yet incorporate this poll, shows Bennet’s lead at 15.6%.  The most recent poll before this, conducted by Quinnipiac in mid-August, shows Bennet with a 15% lead. Republicans are closing the gap.

The poll also registered support for Libertarian candidate Lily Williams at 4%, Green Party candidate Arn Menconi at 3%, and 7% of respondents undecided.