If only Denver had wider sidewalks, less weeds and prettier landscaping, then downtown sidewalks would look more like New York City and being a pedestrian would be more pleasant.So goes the first world thinking of city bureaucrats, who have added a chief pedestrian planner to their ranks, according to 9 News.

The city of Denver has a new employee whose job is to make more people want to walk and to make that walk more pleasant.

No explanation why, but we presume liberals want to feel better about their efforts to drive the state’s energy business out of existence, and need a Plan B when no one can afford gasoline anymore.

The new Walker in Chief doesn’t seem to have a clue just exactly what is needed, and is asking for public input. Getting rid of weeds came from a Facebook post, another suggestion is to get bikes off the sidewalk.

Maybe they could just close off the streets and turn the whole city into one giant crime-ridden, unsavory, and unsafe 16th Street Mall.

Or maybe, they could take care of that problem first, then more folks might be more inclined to walk 15 miles through a blinding snowstorm to work if they’re not afraid of being robbed and beaten.