JeffBridges.netIn what has to be the most pathetic political attack of this year’s campaign season, the opponents of Colorado House of Representative candidate Katy Brown have come out swinging against her sorority affiliation.

The HD-3 candidate, an accomplished tech entrepreneur and member of the Cherry Hills Village city council, has also volunteered her time as a board member of the Fraternity Sorority Political Action Committee.  Obviously Brown had a very positive experience with Greek life, as have millions of other alumni across the country, and she wanted to give back using her business skills to support today’s students who choose to participate in social organizations on campus.

Instead of focusing on real issues facing Colorado, Brown’s opponents have shamefully tried to tie her to the misconduct of a small number of fraternity members in incidents that have rightfully made headlines in recent years.  Fortunately, HD-3 voters are too smart to fall for this sort of misinformation, and it truly shows the desperation of her opponents.

Colorado would be well served to have a legislator with Brown’s record of accomplishment.  A wife and mother who has led a successful small business and served in a prominent city council position is just the type of person Colorado needs to help lead our state back to a more common sense, conservative approach to government.