r_vashawHoly hell. According to a press release, Aurora Police arrested Adams County School District 14 School Board Member (and Democrat) Robert Vashaw last week on multiple charges, including attempted child sexual assault and internet luring of a child. Last night, he resigned from his school board position where he served for eight years. That’s probably a great idea.

We can only imagine this must have been some kind of “To Catch a Predator” scenario. From the school district:

“We have been made aware of some allegations brought forward involving a board member. However, we do not have any details on the situation. We are allowing the appropriate law enforcement agency to handle this matter.

“We recognize there are allegations and as such, we will not speculate as to the facts of the situation. We respect the responsibilities of law enforcement to handle this matter and suggest that any questions on this be directed to the Aurora Police Department.”

Vashaw held multiple leadership posts including president during his tenure at Adams County District 14. He also was the subject to a recall effort. We have no idea what’s happening up in Adams County 14, but Democrats should be ashamed of putting a child predator in a position of trust among children. Perhaps the teachers union should focus on ridding the system of child predators instead of harassing board members in Douglas and Jefferson Counties who don’t prey on kids.