Police yesterday arrested Dylan Hopkins, 21, for threatening to kill Republican state Sen. Laura Woods and her family via Facebook. Here’s his love note to Sen. Woods:


Since Hopkins was such an avid Facebook user, we checked out his Facebook page for a clue into who this guy is. Perhaps he’s too young to truly understand the meaning of hypocrisy or even irony, but his Facebook page is dripping in both. Here are five things we learned from Hopkins’ Facebook page.

1. He’s a gun control advocate: Interspersed between the American Psycho-like rantings about Ferraris and Wall Street, the Arvada Psycho is – surprise – a gun control advocate.


In case, PeakNation™, you thought he was simply reacting to the horrific terrorist attack in Southern California, this is just one of many posts in which Hopkins advocates for or praises gun control.

2. He also called for Trump’s assassination: Sen. Woods isn’t the only public figure Hopkins is focused on. He has a particular hatred for Donald Trump. He once offered to pay $100,000 for his death. Wow. Big spender.


3. He also really hates Trump supporters: Be careful, Deplorables, Hopkins wants to beat you down. Literally, according to his Facebook page.


4. But Hopkins does love Bernie: Color us shocked that Hopkins is Feeling the Bern.


5. He’s truly disturbed: The most important thing learned from his Facebook page is that this guy is truly disturbed. This episode must have been upsetting for Woods and her family. No public official should have to receive threats for simply doing his or her job.

While we’d like to throw back in Democrats’ face that they should check their rhetoric this campaign season, the truth is that the only responsible party in this scenario is Hopkins. Hopefully, he can get the help he clearly needs (in jail) and will stop threatening public officials and their supporters.