Darryl Glenn, the GOP candidate running for U.S. Senate, was on the Western Slope over the weekend, and The Durango Herald ran a story about what he did, what he said and incumbent Michael Bennet’s response.

Darryl Glenn

Darryl Glenn

Sounds pretty simple, but this type of coverage has become a novelty in the era of sensational journalism and overly opinionated talking heads. When the state’s flagship paper isn’t busy demonizing Glenn for standing up to an abusive father, then they’re questioning whether Republicans have written off the race all together.

Never mind Glenn’s position on the issues and how they contrast to Bennet’s. And never mind all the votes that Bennet has taken in the last six-years putting him out of step with the majority of people in this state.

Every Coloradan is less safe today because of Bennet’s vote to empower Iran’s nuclear ambitions and to enhance Iran’s capacity to carry out terrorist attacks across the globe. Where’s that front-page exposé?

Worse still, as Glenn trails in the polls, the media is ready to write him off. Except Donald Trump was trailing Hilary Clinton until he wasn’t, and it’s not too late for this race to tighten as well.