reddest-part-of-the-stateAccording to Wikipedia, psychological projection is a theory in which humans defend themselves against their own attributes (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Well, Hillary Clinton supporters have a lot to worry about, and the embarrassing turnout for campaign events featuring the actual candidate is just one item in a long list.  But they don’t need to remind everyone about Hillary’s tired rallies by falsely accusing Donald Trump of hosting a poorly attended event in Colorado Springs by using a strategically timed or cropped photograph.

KRDO‘s reporter described Trump at this rally as being the “most confident” that he has ever seen the candidate in multiple Colorado appearances.  The accompanying video shows a big and excited crowd for the new frontrunner’s 40 minute address as the sun was setting outside the JetCenters of Colorado hangar on Saturday.

Obviously it’s difficult to psychoanalyze what’s going on in the Hillary Clinton campaign, but this one was kind of obvious.  But good try, ladies.  We know you have a tough job selling Hillary to the masses.