MorganCarroll smallIt is well known by now that Hillary Clinton has a pretty dim view of Donald Trump voters – the Basket of Deplorables.  What has not been so widely reported is Morgan Carroll’s own remarks about the candidates.

If you recall, PeakNation™, Colorado’s own Morgan Carroll has something almost as good.  If you Trump supporters are deplorable, the presidential candidates who were courting you earlier this year were “nut jobs” on a “road toward fascism.”

What does that say about Carroll’s view of her district’s Republican voters – if they are lined up behind nut jobs and fascists?  She obviously doesn’t think too highly of them.  In fact, if they are supporting fascist nut jobs, it is a pretty safe bet that they are fascist nut jobs, too.

Except they aren’t.  And associating reprehensible characteristics – like fascism – with American voters is not the type of language that raises the level of political discourse in this country.

While Carroll shoots from the hip and insults CD-6 voters, it is great to watch the disciplined and measured approach that Coffman takes to running his campaign.  While he may not agree with everything that his opponent holds dear, he is not lobbing insults at her and her supporters.

The middle of the road voters in CD-6 are not into the bitter name calling that Clinton-Carroll embraces.  In fact, they reject it, and in turn, may reject Carroll in the polls come November.