After they saw the Hillary Effect (drag) on their candidates

We’ve all seen them, and by now we usually just delete them – strange fundraising emails touting some imminent crisis or deadline.  But today Democrats at the state capitol birthed one of the most bizarre solicitations that we have ever come across.

The value proposition was not their House majority hanging by a thread, or Trump quickly gaining traction in a state that Hillary Clinton inked into her “win” column just a few weeks ago.

No, they are raising money for a new coffee maker.  And the ask included amazing buys such as:

  • $25 for a bulk-sized bag of dark roast
  • $50 for a new coffee maker that has a timer that will make coffee right before these dedicated workers roll into the office
  • $100 for a coffee grinder or something

Best of luck to the House Dems in the quest for donor-subsidized coffee! We’re just glad to see that Democrats are no longer just preoccupied with wasting taxpayer dollars, but now also their donors’ dollars. Congrats!