Michael BennetIn a depressing announcement by the Colorado Division of Insurance yesterday, Coloradans on Obamacare were put on notice that they will be paying more next year.  A lot more. Thanks, Senator Bennet.

The press release noted that lower income people on subsidized plans “may see their premiums decrease,” even though the unsubsidized premiums are going up.  But if you are in the middle class and on Obamacare, good luck. The middle class thanks you, Senator Bennet.

The premium increase for individuals with unsubsidized plans will rise a staggering 20.4% next year, on average.  Make no mistake, this is a devastating thing for Colorado middle class families. We thank you, Senator Bennet.

Does anyone remember the lies that Obama and the Democrats (like Senator Bennet) were telling us years ago: that this program would slash a family’s healthcare costs by $2,500 per year?
So what’s the problem here?  Simply put, Obamacare is not a sustainable model.  In 2017, both UnitedHealth and Humana, two of the largest insurers in the country, will not offer any individual plans on the Colorado exchange.  They are real businesses that were hemorrhaging cash on the exchange and had to pull the plug.  In all, only 277 plans will be available in the individual market, sharply down from the 413 that people had access to in 2016.

The Colorado Department of Insurance would want you to think that the cost of EpiPens and other medicine was driving the premium spikes – yes, they actually said that in their press release today. Not mentioned was the fact that if you are giving something away, people are going to take more of it. Eventually the costs get so high that healthy people opt out, and the entire financial model that underpins the ability of carriers to underwrite policies crumbles.

Odd. Senator Bennet didn’t promise the destruction of the entire healthcare system when he was pitching Colorado on this plan. Perhaps that’s why Bennet won’t debate his opponent Darryl Glenn – Bennet is ahead in the polls and he certainly doesn’t want to be reminded that he was the deciding vote to destroy America’s healthcare system, right?