Darryl Glenn

Darryl Glenn

Incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet has backed out of yet another debate, so instead of three statewide televised debates, there will only be one.

Back-Out Bennet refuses to explain why he will only face off with his opponent Darryl Glenn for all to see on one occasion. We strongly suspect it’s Bennet’s inability to explain to voters his controversial support and votes that gave us Obamacare, outrageous insurance costs, and took our doctors away from us.

Nor can he give a rational explanation of his support of the Iran deal, his flip-flopping over transferring Gitmo detainees to Colorado, or his conflicting stances on energy development in the state.

Out are debates on Denver CBS4 and Colorado Springs 11 News. The only televised debate will be Oct. 11 on 9News, which will also be hosted by the Denver Business Journal, reports the Denver Post’s John Frank.

The result is that voters will have little opportunity to evaluate them. Bennet, who is the only incumbent Democrat in a contested Senate seat this year, is sitting on a comfortable lead, giving him less incentive to subject himself to questions. And Glenn is running a campaign aimed at his conservative base and needs a major break to get noticed.

Bennet did meet with Darryl Glenn for the Club 20 debate earlier this month, which was not televised. It apparently didn’t go well for Bennet, who is desperate not to give a repeat performance.

There is no logical rationale for Bennet’s excuse: His flak accused Glenn of blackballing reporters at the Denver Post, so therefore Bennet is blackballing reporters at CBS4 and 11 News.
More likely, the dates conflict with important fundraisers Bennet must attend in Washington.