crystal-ballThe greatest scientific minds the federal government can find cannot accurately predict the weather beyond a few days. But, we’re being asked to believe climate change predictions that say the end is near because the Front Range will see seven days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in the next four decades.

Bruce Finley, no surprise, offers this report in the Denver Post, and adds that predictions “with less certainty” suggest there will be less severe snow or rain storms.

This is all supposed to happen in 2050 or thereabouts, and horror of horrors, it will be hot outside.
From lead researcher Stephen Saunders, director of the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization:

“Half the houses in Denver today do not have air conditioning. We’re going to be facing serious threats to people’s health because of these temperature increases,” Saunders said.

Those great minds at the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization might be interested to note that most of us have swamp coolers instead of air conditioning. And, if the entire southeast U.S. can stand several months of hot weather, we’re not going to panic about seven days.

We remember after Katrina hit, when weather gurus confidently predicted that hurricanes in the years after would cause even more devastating damage.

We’re still waiting.

We remember in the 1970s, when the new ice age was predicted.

We’re still waiting.

We’ll probably be dead in 34 years when the latest prediction is revealed to be true or false, but we’ll pass on the message to our grandkids.