headstones-democrat-voter-registration-fraudDead folks in Colorado graveyards have been casting ballots to vote in elections for years after their death, a CBS4 investigation has uncovered.

Secretary of State Wayne Williams says the findings show potential for fraud, which yeah, if dead people are voting, we’re guessing that’s illegal.

We don’t know the party registration of those dead voters who had cast ballots, whose names were also found in a federal death database. Nor do we know who they voted for. What we do know, is that those votes were cast, illegally, to sway an election.

The investigation has prompted criminal inquiries by the Secretary of State and in Jefferson and El Paso Counties, which should start with the addresses where those absentee ballots were mailed.

Maybe it’s just some sad family members who want to keep their loved one’s memories alive and don’t know any better. Maybe it’s a continuation of a practice perfected by Chicago Democrats to stuff the ballot box.

Either way, CBS4 has certainly uncovered past fraud, and the potential for future fraud, which should be investigated thoroughly.