UPDATE: According to Colorado Sportsmen, there were over 1,700 ticketed in attendance with another 100 walk-ins.

There’s a tale of two rallies in Grand Junction last night hosted by Donald Trump, Jr., conflicting reports from the media about what was said and who was there.

WJCT reported that 1,000 folks turned out to hear Trump rally the GOP troops and discuss his father’s positions on public lands, 2nd Amendment rights, jobs, the oil and gas industry, wildlife and conservation.

“Executive orders and gun laws that have been put in place have been put in place by people who have never held a gun and don’t understand that,” Donald Trump Jr. said. “We’re not about infringing Americans freedom. The only ones affected are the law abiding citizens.”

The Daily Sentinel harrumphed that organizers for the event billed as “a campfire with Donald Trump. Jr.” expected 4,000 people, and by his count there were 300 people.

Well, there was no campfire, and all the younger Trump said about public lands was that they should remain open and accessible to all.

“We can have the best of all worlds,” he said. “We can have grazing, we can have fishing, we can have hunting on the same lands. We can multi-purpose these lands, and we can do it in a way that’s smart and preserves them, and everybody wins.”

The Sentinel complained that the rest of the political rally Trump Jr., held for his father, was, gasp, “more like a mini Trump rally with talk of making America great again, creating jobs and not letting Hillary Clinton take over the White House.”

That’s probably because it was a political rally. It wasn’t billed as a major policy speech. Judging by the crowd’s reactions to Trump Jr.’s event that was reported by KJCT, the only complaints came from Democratic protestors. The same could be said about the Daily Sentinel’s priorities in reporting the event.