democrat-republicanColorado is back in play, big play, in the presidential election, according to a new CNN poll released Monday morning that shows only one point separates Trump and Hillary.

Trump is pulling 41 percent of support compared to Hillary’s 42 percent, with 13 percent going to Libertarian Gary Johnson and 3 percent for the Green Party.

CNN declared Colorado a critical state for the presidential election and lumped us right back into battleground status.

The two polls come alongside tight national polls and neck-and-neck poll results in several other key battleground states including Ohio, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina.

In both Colorado and Pennsylvania, the economy stands out as far and away the top voter concern. About half of registered voters in each state, and a similar share of likely voters, call the economy most important out of a list also including terrorism, illegal immigration and foreign policy. And when asked which candidate would better handle the economy, Trump comes out on top in both states, though within each poll’s margin of error.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Clinton, or more critical for Trump, as the two face off in their first televised debate tonight.

Also paying close attention will be U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, as he sees those Clinton coattails he’s been depending on for reelection get shorter and become unraveled.