Hillary Rodham ClintonDonald Trump is taking advantage of his rise in the state polls and debate performance and is investing $600,000 in Colorado campaign commercials.

He’s locking up all that airtime abandoned by Hillary and the national Democratic Party in July, in what is shaping up to be a costly mistake.

From the Denver Post:

The investment in Colorado signals the Trump campaign’s optimism about its chances to make the state a battleground after it appeared to slip from the radar. But recent polling is putting the race between Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton at a dead-heat just weeks before ballots hit mailboxes, despite her robust lead for months.

Trump is targeting the heart of Colorado, buying airtime during the baseball playoffs and Denver Broncos games, while Hillary sits on the sidelines with money in her pockets.

The Denver Post suggests that Hillary still has the edge because she ran 3,000 ads before July, and Trump didn’t start his advertising campaign until August.

For all the good that did her. Trump is now ahead and taking full advantage of his lead. Not only did the national party pull the plug on Hillary’s ads, it looks like they’ve accidentally pulled the plug on a Colorado win.