The battle over where to send Guantanamo Bay detainees has raged for years, with Colorado being eyed as a prime candidate should President Obama ever succeed in closing the famous prison. And if it weren’t for Cory Gardner’s strong leadership on this issue, the world’s most dangerous terrorists could already be on their way to Colorado. gitmo

We’ve written extensively (here, here and here) about how Gardner has repeatedly opposed the transfer of Gitmo detainees and even threatened to take Obama to court if he tries to ship a single terrorists stateside. Now, Gardner is asking the Government Accountability Office to investigate whether the Obama administration illegally spent taxpayer money to study U.S. sites where terrorists from Gitmo could be transferred. Of particular concern to Colorado is the roughly $11,000 spent studying the Supermax facility in Florence as a possible relocation site.

And despite some empty campaign rhetoric on the issue, Bennet has largely been hiding under a rock whenever this topic comes up. Putting partisan loyalty to the President above what’s best for Colorado. So when Coloradans vote this November, they should remember that at every turn Bennet has cast votes to pave the way for bringing dangerous terrorists to our state.